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Unisciti al Team di Highdeas

The Highdeas Network

Highdeas is a Network of Creators who do not want to be subjected to the rules of corporate hiking and to what is defined to be a "great" career. People who wants no neon-ceiling for their ideas. And no nine to six time-cage for their mind.


People who needs to travel, and to forget; in order to get inspired.

Humans who want to keep loving their jobs and life.    

Here's to everyone that needs to get High sometimes.

It doesn't really matter on what. But just that you are coming back

with some great Highdeas.

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New Business & connections

Our Core Team will be hunting everyday for new clients, to then distribute the workload across the Network. 

Creators will be selected according their expertise and preferences;; and they will be connected together in Teams.



Our Hub in Milan and its resources will be available to members  who are working on active projects.

We are also working on expanding our proposal  to allow every member to enjoy the facility at any time

Commissions on

client acquisition


Members  who are able

to bring new Clients to the Network are entitled to earn

a commission, as a reward

for their precious support.  

Commissions depend on

the entity of the client's


Free access​ to all events


Members have free access to every workshop, every event, and every party we have planned.

Highdeas Kit


We will provide everyone with an  official members'card and with our Highdeas-Kit


Please Note that creators will not be asked to provide their  hourly or daily rate.

We work on a project-based logic, with an avarage timeframe - per creator - of 1 month.. 

And of course, the subscription is for free.

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