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Higher purpose


 The Highdeas Network might not be a revolutionary concept yet,

 but what will arise from it surely is. 


 Our long-term business objective is to create various network-owned  B2C brands, managed internally through dedicated task-forces.

 By gathering the right amount of people, any valuable highdea

can become a business.


 We'll be a "house of brands". The first of our kind.



Opening in Milan 

International Ambassador  & Promoter Program 

Valuable and strong Network. 100+ selected members.

Creation and launch of new website & platform

Involving 5 partner agencies

First 10 new clients

100% clients retention and maintain client

acquisition rate

Solid  client base 15+, structured sales force active internationally

Valuable and strong Network. 1000+ selected members.

Recognised network of Independent professionals & Agencies (10+ partners)

Launch of Mobile Application & Integrated e-commerce.





Launch of the first B2C Brand born, raised and managed within the Network.

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