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I concentrate my commitment and passion in the discipline of growth marketing.

In 2017 I increased my skills in funnel development thanks to the participation in the Marketers italian community. In 2018 I joined the Lacerba Masterclass in Growth Hacking and then I joined the Master in Growth Hacking Marketing at Talent Garden. I approached digital thanks to crowdfunding method.

Infact in 2015 I successfully completed my first crowdfunding campaign for Fondazione Renata Quattropani Onlus. In the same year I obtained the master's degree in digital marketing at Digital Coach 89/100 acquiring more skills about the tools that web offers. In 2016 I co-founded the first blog of information on Partita IVA and self-employment: Giovaniconlap.iva. It soon became a point of reference for young professionals, especially for new professions.

I have experience in politics, no profit, consulting, wedding and fashion . I'm interested in collaborating in projects where lean and growth hacking methods are applied. Contact me and explain your project to me.

Giacomo Casolo - Growth Mrkt

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